Originating from the former Anuga-Technica and the DLG-FoodTec, the Anuga FoodTec has been facilitating a comprehensive, process-oriented perspective since 1996, providing an overview of the technologies at all stages of production.[1] It is this independence from sectors, raw materials and sub-processes that has made the trade fair one of the leading information and purchasing platforms of the global food industry. In 2012 the fair grew unusually fast. The number of exhibitors grew from 1,171 to 1,289 exhibitors (+10 %) and the represented countries from 39 to 41 countries (51% from abroad). The number of visitors went up from 33,847 from 117 countries to 42,986 from 130 countries, an increase of 27%. The gross exhibition is growing by 10,000 square meters to 127,000 square meters.

ANUGA 2015 (Cologne):


ANUGA 2013 (Cologne):

The atmosphere at Anuga was characterized by a business attitude and extensive networking. Decision-makers from the domestic and international trade, as well as leading importers and buyers from key catering firms came to the fair to obtain in-depth information about services and the products on display. The following trends were observed at the fair: Convenience products are becoming more and more widespread. With these products, the food supply chain is consistently meeting the needs of an increasing number of people who are adapting their eating habits to the changed nature of daily life.


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