stanahita-logo-bigAnahita Company in order to fulfill long-term goals as well as maintaining its special place in the international arena has participated in three important food fair annually from 2006 to present.

Geographical areas of exhibitions have been chosen in a way that cover all export targets countries in one hand and on the other hand consider potential markets as well as its future prospects. It is argued that this international trade has been one of the main causes of world economic growth over the past half century. This argument is much highlighted in the case of food industry.

Non-oil export development along with export-oriented production is two main factors in the case of economy growth especially for Iran economy. Hence, Anahita Co. has taken steps in the way of growth and development by participating in important exhibitions all around the world to provide long term infrastructure for developing export market.

By introducing strategic products such as Pistachios, Raisins and Mozafati dates in international arena, Anahita Co. tries to expand the business area.

The list of fairs that Anahita Co. goes for them based on company strategy and geographical area is shown as below:

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Anuga Germany (Cologne) 

ANUGA HISTORY:  Originating from the former Anuga-Techn…
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Gulfood 2017 

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Gulfood Dubai, UAE  

Gulfood is the world's biggest annual food and hospitality s…
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MIHAS Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) 

Anahita participated in Mihas 2017 exhibition   An…
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SIAL HISTORY: The Global Food Marketplace (French: Salon I…
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World Food Russia (Moscow) 

The World Food Moscow Exhibition is Russia's Premier Interna…