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Phoenix Dactylifera is a palm in the genus Phoenix, cultivated for its edible sweet fruit grown and cultivated in southern regions of Iran. Furthermore its place of origin is unknown because of long cultivation; it probably originated from lands around Middle East and Persian Gulf.

The date palm grows to a ripe old age and apart from pollination in the spring needs very little care save watering through irrigation systems. This abundantly available fruit is revered for its ample health and dietary advantages. It can be used in variety types of food industrial.

Type of Sayer Dates:

Select Grade A maximum 75 pieces/lb. 
Select Grade B maximum 85 pieces/lb. 
GAQ maximum 115 pieces/lb. 
FAQ (smaller sizes, no specific count/lb.) 
Industrial without any count/Ib and in low quality for direct use of consumers

Packaging: 10 KG Telescopic Anahita Carton

Storage: In a cool, dry, clean and well ventilated place. Storage temperature is between 10-15 Celsius degrees, humidity below 50%